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In February 2017 SNAU jointly with the Bern University of Applied Sciences (School of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences)  with the assistance of Nestle Ukraine and the Swiss Cooperation Office in Ukraine has launched the project "Advancing sustainable agriculture - 360о farm evaluation and participatory strategy development".

This project aims to improve the lives of local farmers and their families. Methods and tools will be co-developed for assessing and managing the economic, environmental and social performance of Ukrainian farms. A participatory approach based on the RISE method (Response-Inducing Sustainability Evaluation) is suggested.

Within 12 months of the project a set of activities is to be realized:

  • RISE method training packages within the workshops in SNAU and Bern University of Applied Sciences for certified RISE consultants training. The training will include first farm visits, to facilitate hands-on experience in farm analysis and results interpretation. Learning materials implemented on the widely used Moodle platform will be designed and launched by SNAU.
  • 360° Farm Assessments. In this work package, the first 25 farms will be evaluated by the trained partners in Ukraine. Outreach strategies will be developed and introductory materials disseminated to those expressing interest.
  • E-Learning Strategy & Proposal. The sustainability of the current project will be advanced with a specific e-Learning project to prepare the grounds for further dissemination across and beyond Ukraine.
  • Sustainability report. Finally, a comprehensive sustainability report will be prepared including a review of sustainable agriculture in Ukraine, as well as recommendations based on the 360° farm evaluations and the surveys with key stakeholders.